About College

Habibullah Bahar College in brief

Name of the College Habibullah Bahar College Regular Teacher 105
Establishment Time 1969 A.D. Guest Teacher 15
One of the Founder Late Anwara Bahar Chowdhury,
w/o – Habibullah Bahar
3rd Class Employee 12
Present Principal Professor Abu Bakar Chowdhury
B.Sc. Honors, M.Sc. Physics, (D.U.)
4th Class Employee 28
Educational Activities H.S.C., Degree Pass and Honors, Masters. Common room for girls 01
Honors Subjects Subjects – 17

BBA -01

Subject Name: Accounting, Management, Marketing, Finance and Banking, Bangla, English, Social Work, Political Science, Physics, Phsychology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Zoology, Social Science, Economics, Islamic History & Culture, Home Economics, B.B.A. (Professional)

Common room for boys 01
Masters Subject Masters – 09

Masters Preliminary- 08

Canteen 01
Current Number of Students 5000 Quantity of Land 01 Acre
Examination Center H.S.C., Degree Pass and Honors, Masters (Preliminary) and Final Pond 01
Private Examination Degree Pass, Masters (Preliminary) and Masters Final Central Library 01,
Number of books – 13,000
Building 6 Storied – 02, 5 Storied –01
3 Storied –01, 2 storied –01, 8 storied –01
Departmental Seminar 08,
Number of books –  17,000