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A Short Life Sketch of Habibullah Bahar

Habibullah Bahar is a legendary figure in the political, social and literary arena of Bangladesh. He is a household name in this country. Mohammad Habibullah Bahar, popularly known as Bahar Shaheb, was born in an aristocratic family at the village Goatar in Noakhali district. He was born on the 5th February, 1906. He spent his childhood days in Chittagong at his grandfather’s house. He lost his father at the age of only three.

Habibullah Bahar was a versatile genius, endowed with rare qualities. He was a member of the working committee of Bengal Muslim league in 1937, a member of Bengal Legislative Assembly in 1946 and the Health Minister of former East Pakistan from 1947-53. While he was the Health Minister, he eradicated mosquito pestilence from the Dhaka City and cleansed Dhaka City thoroughly. The elderly citizens of the Dhaka city still remember his contribution with veneration and respect.

He was an outstanding sportsman of this country. He was a renowned football player in both Calcutta and Dhaka Mohammedan club. He served Sports Association in different tyres in different times. Finally he became the President of Sports Association of former East Pakistan in 1951. ….. Continue Reading