Message from the Chairman

Government Body of Habibullah Bahar College

Habibullah Bahar College, an excellent house of education, has been established in 1969 at Shantinagar to spread the light of education among all. The decision behind the establishment of Habibullah Bahar College, is to provide high quality education. In the modern era, computer, website and information are co-related. Except these an effective education id beyond imagination . So, the necessity of a website for the college was an impending demand for us as wel as for the students.
On behalf of the Governing Body of Habibullah Bahar College, I am pleased to announce that the college has launched its universal website to enhance the quality education.
In terms of discipline, Habibullah Bahar College expects that ‘Discipline’ will be main feast in the sphere of teaching and learning process so that our products can be imbued with ethical and intellectual values along with, self motivation and be exhilarated for being the dignity of an honest life. Parents and students are assured that they will being the part of Habibullah Bahar College. It is my expectation that you will support us in every respect so that this college can crave an important niche for itself and grow an image as one of the best colleges in Bangladesh.

My heartfelt felicitaion and thanks for your interest in Habibullah Bahar College.

S, M, Bahalul Moznon Chunnu
Member of Synnet and Syndicate
University of Dhaka &
Chairman, Governing Body
Habibullah Bahar College, Dhaka-1000.